Greetings from Rwanda

Greetings from Rwanda!

I’m in Rwanda at last and what a beautiful and friendly country it is! Darcy, you didn’t exaggerate when you said the Uyisenga N’Manzi Peace Centre was idyllic. The people are fantastic and I didn’t realize just how much Chaste and his team are doing for the kids and the surrounding community. They have 5 acres of training fields to show the youth how to grow various crops, all kinds of livestock, a library, soap-making, electrical and repairs workshops, and lots more. The studio is extremely popular and I’ll be coming back with some great suggestions to make it even better. The community has received electricity because of Uyisenga N’Manzi and they benefit from the sale of produce and livestock.


On Tuesday there’ll be a large, national exposition of all of the community development organizations in Rwanda. Uyisenga N’Manzi will be using this opportunity to showcase the Music Enrichment Program by having the participants perform their songs. I originally had planned to leave on Monday, but I’m trying to extend my stay to be able to see the show.

That’s all for now. I hear there are some young ladies waiting to share their ideas and experiences with me. I don’t speak Kinyarwanda and they don’t speak English or French, but I’m sure we’ll work it out!

Shannon Johnson

Make Music Matter Board Member

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