Hope by Pink & Blue Group (Syria)

New music from Healing in Harmony artists in Azaz, Syria


Album: Hope

Artist: Pink & Blue Group

Producer: Bshr Zauter (Flu)

Label: A4A Records

Release date: July 8, 2022

Cover art: Null & Void


The Pink & Blue Group are a collective of young artists living in Azaz, Syria, and Gaziantep, Turkey who have fled their homes as a result of the ongoing war. This group of youth supported by SENED face motor and psychological challenges, and other special needs.

When asked what change they would like to see in the world, one 10 year old artist with partial hearing impairment told us, “No one should have to live in a tent, so that they don’t get sick due to cold weather.”

Another member of the group, a 12 year old boy with partial visual impairment spoke of his greatest hope, “I wish that the war would end soon and my family and I would go back home.”

We are still young like new flowers, and the world still growing
Despite the oppression and fear of the future,
We still promise each other to make our days more hopeful
Our smile gives us power
Gives us dreams and ambition
Our art will carry us to the top.


(Lyrics from ‘Sun’)

The EP ‘Hope’ reflects notions of peace and freedom. Throughout the creation of the music, the artists shared words of encouragement and inspired each other to not only survive but thrive despite their difficult living conditions.

“No matter how strong the storm is, the sun will rise and shine,” says six year old, Taim.

With this release, the Pink & Blue Group hopes to spread the message to others living with special needs, that they need not feel trapped by the challenges of their diseases or the risk of war. It is a celebration of the power of creativity as a tool to help them move forward in life.

Their group motto: “You are not alone, and you are not defined by what is imposed on you.”


Tracks were mixed by members of Artists 4 Artists (A4A)’s Community of Mixing and Mastering Engineers, a global network of professionals who volunteer their time to help Make Music Matter bring marginalized voices to the world stage.

Hope tracklisting:

  1. Sun – mixed by Dan Harden (Canada)
  2. Cycle – mixed by Christian Hernandez (Mexico)

Album mastered by Noah Mintz (Lacquer Channel Mastering, Canada)

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