Healing in Harmony artists in Nyangezi DRC

Maisha Ni Magumu by Cohorte Les Vainqueurs (DRC)

Debut release from Cohorte Les Vainqueurs

Maisha Ni Magumu by Cohorte Les Vainqueurs


Album: Maisha Ni Magumu (Life is Hard)

Artist: Cohorte Les Vainqueurs

Producer: Janvier Mushagalusa Mihigo

Label: A4A Records

Release date: May 26, 2023

Cover art: Null & Void

Maisha Ni Magumu (Life is Hard) is the debut release from Cohorte Les Vainqueurs out of Nyangezi in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

These young artists have witnessed the atrocities of war. They have lost their homes, their families. They are survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. Many girls in their community are forced to marry at a very young age.

By sharing their stories through the Healing in Harmony program, they have found strength to begin processing the trauma they have faced. They are finding allies to support them as they speak out against harmful traditional gender norms. They have become so engaged that they are proactively promoting the therapy program in neighbouring villages, shifting perceptions of mental health and the power of music.

With title track ‘Maisha Ni Magumu’, the group declares that despite the hardships in life, they will not give up the fight for a better tomorrow. They wish to support others by encouraging them to persevere and follow their dreams.

I will not tire of fighting
I am confident that I will win this fight
Because I know that tomorrow
I will see the light
And nothing will escape me


(Lyrics from title track ‘Maisha Ni Magumu’)




This EP also marks the first release coming out of the mobile Healing in Harmony studio – an innovation that allows the team to reach remote communities and help break barriers to accessing mental health support.

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The Healing in Harmony mobile project in South Kivu is made possible with the partnership of Panzi Hospital and Foundations, and with funding from Grand Challenges Canada as part of the Global Mental Health program.

Healing in Harmony artists in Nyangezi DRC
Cohorte Les Vainqueurs perform at their Healing in Harmony community concert in Nyangezi, DRC

Tracks were mixed by members of Artists 4 Artists (A4A)’s Community of Mixing and Mastering Engineers, a global network of professionals who volunteer their time to help Make Music Matter bring marginalized voices to the world stage.

Maisha Ni Magumu tracklisting:

  1. Maisha Ni Magumu (Life is Hard) – mixed by Robbie Grunwald (Canada)
  2. Natafuta (I’m Searching) – mixed by Cristian Hernandez (USA)

Album produced by Janvier Mushagalusa Mihigo (DRC)

Album mastered by Maor Applebaum (USA)

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