Mushamuka by Cohorte Héroïque (DRC)

New music from Healing in Harmony artists in Mulamba, DRC


Album: Mushamuka

Artist: Cohorte Héroïque

Producer: Janvier Mushagalusa Mihigo

Label: A4A Records

Release date: August 26, 2022

Cover art: Null & Void


Mushamuka is the second album by Cohorte Héroïque, a collective emerged from the Healing in Harmony program in Mulamba, a rural community in the conflict-ridden region of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The album symbolizes the positive change in attitudes experienced as a group as they explored the effects of trauma on relationships and notions of positive masculinity.

The project was made possible with the partnership of Panzi Hospital and Foundations, and with support from the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT). The initiative has brought together men and women in the community to address issues related to gender equality.

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Lead track ‘Lo Mushamuka Lwiganyo (A Model Father)’ has become a local hit, connecting with the community in a powerful way. It sends a strong message that harmony at home will only come from a changed man who takes care of his family as best as he can.

A model man takes care of his home

A role model is someone others look to as a good example


No matter the difficulties at home, he is present

He gives himself to his home with all his heart x2

He loves his wife and children by making them respected in society 

He helps his wife with certain tasks

And supports her ideas x2

A model man worries about the future of his family

He educates all his children without any distinction

And lives in harmony with his neighbors

(Lyrics from title track ‘Lo Mushamuka lwiganyo (A Model Father)’)



Tracks were mixed by members of Artists 4 Artists (A4A)’s Community of Mixing and Mastering Engineers, a global network of professionals who volunteer their time to help Make Music Matter bring marginalized voices to the world stage.

Mushamuka tracklisting:

  1. Lo Amasime – mixed by Nino Celella (Canada)
  2. Omurhula – mixed by Israel Andrés Muños Hinestrosa (Colombia)
  3. Amazibu G’Akalamo – mixed by Ronan Chris Murphy (USA)
  4. Ukosefu – mixed by Dale Penner (Canada)
  5. Lo Mushamuka Lwigany’o – mixed by Justin Meli (Canada)
  6. Maisha Mapya – mixed by Carrie Armitage (Canada)
  7. Napiganisha – mixed by Erman Aydöner (Turkey)

Album produced by Janvier Mushagalusa Mihigo (DRC)

Album mastered by Erman Aydöner (Turkey)

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