January 18, 2016


Vivid and Compelling, New Music Highlights Resilience and Faith

(Los Angeles, CA and Winnipeg, Canada) The Panzi Hospital and Foundations and Make Music Matter, with support from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund released the second album from their joint music therapy program today. “My Body is Not a Weapon” (français: Mon corps n’est pas une arme) presents a vivid and compelling voice for the artists who began their journey at Panzi Hospital as patients, many of whom are survivors of sexual violence.

Make Music Matter CEO Darcy Ataman said, “I am immensely excited to share the second album from our music therapy program at Panzi. We are proud to witness the patients transform into artists. Through this program we witness the inherent healing power of music.”

The title track, “My Body is Not a Weapon” features Swedish musician and rapper, Timbuktu, who spent time at Panzi Hospital and worked directly with participants in the music therapy program, and visited with Sweden’s PMU, one of Panzi’s partner organizations.

Naama Haviv, Executive Director of Panzi’s USA Foundation focused on the power of the program not only for the patients, artists, and Panzi staff but also “how the impact of this program will strengthen the fabric of families and communities.”

Haviv continued, “This program contributes significantly to results in our overall holistic healing model, as envisioned by Dr. Denis Mukwege. Medical treatments, followed by psychosocial care and innovative therapies like music therapy, and the literacy and vocational training, microfinance, legal assistance, and other components we provide, heal so much more than one person. The music from this program is more than inspiring. It’s life affirming.”

Make Music Matter’s Ataman noted the impact could be felt at community concerts held at Panzi, where the artists performed on two separate occasions. “Being in the room, witnessing their resilient strength and sharing in that moment for them as artists, reinvigorates the program and renews all our spirits.”

The copyright for all lyrics and music are held by the artists who have given the Panzi Hospital and Foundations and Make Music Matter permission to share and disseminate the songs on their behalf. The music is available on Soundcloud. Lyrics and production information may be found here, and will be provided upon request. Panzi Foundation DRC staff and information may be found here.



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