Najitegemea by Cohorte Héroïque (DRC)

New music from Healing in Harmony artists in Mulamba, DRC


Album: Najitegemea (I Take Charge of Myself)

Artist: Cohorte Héroïque

Producer: Janvier Mihigo

Label: A4A Records

Release date: May 13, 2022

Cover art: Null & Void


Najitegemea (I Take Charge of Myself) is the debut album by Cohorte Héroïque, a collective emerged from the Healing in Harmony program in the rural village of Mulamba, in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The project was made possible with the partnership of Panzi Hospital and Foundations, and with support from the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT). The initiative has brought together men and women in the community to address issues related to gender equality and positive masculinity.

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Title track ‘Najitegemea’ reflects the desire of the group to take charge of their lives despite the hardships they have all faced. The community of Mulamba has suffered from continued conflict in the region that has destabilized the entire population.

This first collection of songs is inspired by personal stories shared during therapy sessions – moments where participants found strength in knowing they were not alone.

My life is very painful

Sometimes I wonder how I can change it

Myself, I can’t understand

The suffering, the sadness,

I want this life to change


R / I take charge of myself, and I will never stop fighting for life x2


C2 / I have already been through a lot of difficulties and it exceeds the level of my reasoning

Every time I think about this, I wish this life would change

There is no one to whom I can present my needs

There is no mom

Nowhere I can take refuge

Nowhere dad


R/ I take charge of myself, and I will never stop fighting for life x2


C3/ I take charge of myself, and I don’t rely on anyone else

(Lyrics from title track ‘Najitegemea’)


Tracks were mixed by members of Artists 4 Artists (A4A)’s Community of Mixing and Mastering Engineers, a global network of professionals who volunteer their time to help Make Music Matter bring marginalized voices to the world stage.

Najitegemea tracklisting:

  1. Najitegemea – mixed by Neil Simons
  2. Elewa maisha – mixed by Robert L. Smith (Defy Recordings)
  3. Upendo (Love) – mixed by Paul J Hird
  4. Leo (Today) – mixed by Troy Zeng

Album mastered by Noah Mintz (Lacquer Channel Mastering)

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