Naza Na Pouvoir by Cohorte Femmes Fortes (DRC)

New release from Cohorte Femmes Fortes


Album: Naza Na Pouvoir (I Have the Power)

Artist: Cohorte Femmes Fortes

Producer: Janvier Mushagalusa Mihigo

Label: A4A Records

Release date: September 1, 2023

Cover art: Marc Leardi (Null & Void)

MMM proudly presents Naza Na Pouvoir (I Have the Power) by Cohorte Femmes Fortes from Maison Dorcas in Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

This collection of six tracks is filled with hope and inspiration.

“My only hope is to find peace in my heart. The day when I am employed, my life will change and my child will go to school, and I’ll fight for the future of my son born of rape,” explained one of the artists.

Where do they find inspiration? “I am myself my only source of inspiration, as I work every day, I focus on my future, and that’s what inspires me.”

Despite your love my being has suffered
I reached rock bottom, I lost hope
Today I woke up and I feel stronger
I move forward and I run
Towards my well-being

Ah! I have the power
Oh ! to change my destiny

I thought I had bad luck stuck to my skin
I tried repeatedly many times without ever succeeding
My soul is consumed by all these wounds
Which disturb my being when I fall asleep

Every day I will multiply my efforts
To beautify my nights of quiet sleep
Even if I suffer from bitterness, sadness
I will rise to escape this pain

Ah! I have the power
Oh ! to change my destiny

(Lyrics from ‘Naza Na Pouvoir’ by Cohorte Femmes Fortes)



Naza Na Pouvoir Tracklisting:

  1. Naza Na Pouvoir – mixed by João Moreira (Portugal)
  2. Najipa Raha – mixed by Erman Aydöner (Turkey)
  3. Napigania Yakwangu – mixed by Israel Andres Muñoz Hinestrosa (Colombia)
  4. Nitafika – mixed by Jacques Deveau (Canada)
  5. Shida Zitakwishwa – mixed by Jason Burgos (Canada)
  6. Siku Kwa Siku – mixed by Aggrey Ellis (Canada)


Album produced by Janvier Mushagalusa Mihigo (DRC)

Album mastered by Erman Aydöner (Turkey)


This is the third release coming out of the Healing in Harmony mobile studio project funded by Grand Challenges Canada as part of the Global Mental Health program.



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