New EP from Artists at Panzi Hospital featuring Guest Artist Timbuktu

08 March 2016

For Immediate Release


Panzi Hospital and Foundations, Make Music Matter Commemorate International Women’s Day with Release of New EP featuring Guest Artist Timbuktu

(Los Angeles, CA and Winnipeg, Canada) Featuring guest artist  Timbuktu, the third album from Panzi’s groundbreaking Music Therapy Program reaches a new level of artistry, with powerful, evocative songs about women’s experiences in Congo. This new EP, “I Also Have a Dream” features four tracks, including the powerful “Mon corps n’est pas une arme,” or “My Body is Not a Weapon.”

“The artists are driving the session. With the help of Jojo and Justin, the producer and psychologist respectively, these artists are ready to go. They are engaged. They have ideas and are ready to create. It is, of course, an honor to host an artist of Timbuktu’s caliber – but more so to witness the collaboration in this community of artists.” said Darcy Ataman, Founder and CEO of Make Music Matter who recently returned from five weeks at the Panzi Hospital and Foundations’ campus in Bukavu, DRC.

Naama Haviv, Executive Director of Panzi’s US foundation said, “Music more than heals us – it helps us to heal each other. We are honored Timbuktu, along with our partners at PMU, were able to visit the music therapy program at Panzi. We’re very excited to share the music from his powerful collaboration with the artists in our program. This EP represents more than what it possible, it is an expression of restored humanity.”

Working in tandem with a trained psychologist and music producer, Panzi’s groundbreaking Music Therapy program brings together survivors of sexual violence, vulnerable community members, and children for a healing journey by writing, recording, and professionally producing songs about their experiences.

The Music Therapy program is a collaboration between Panzi Foundation USA, Panzi Foundation DRC, and Make Music Matter. We are deeply grateful to the Humanitarian Innovation Fund for its ongoing support of the program.

The copyright for all lyrics and music are held by the artists who have given the Panzi Hospital and Foundations and Make Music Matter permission to share and disseminate the songs on their behalf. The music is available on Soundcloud. Lyrics and production information may be found here, and will be provided upon request. Panzi Foundation DRC staff and information may be found here.




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