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July 7, 2015


Panzi Foundation USA and Make Music Matter Collaborate at Panzi Hospital’s Maison Dorcas

(LOS ANGELES, CA) Panzi Foundation USA has embarked upon an innovative music therapy program to support psychosocial healing for survivors, vulnerable community members, children, and staff with its partners at Make Music Matter. Supported with funding from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund, “Parce Que J’ai Mal,” (Because I Hurt) is the debut song from this program.

The Executive Director of Panzi Foundation USA, Naama Haviv, said “Through our partnership with the Humanitarian Innovation Fund, we are honored and excited to share the music and lyrics written by the survivors in our aftercare program at Panzi Hospital’s Maison Dorcas facility.”

She continued, “The true innovation of this program is that the women, children, and staff at Panzi are treated not as patients but as artists; creating, writing, and recording professionally-produced songs. “Parce Que J’ai Mal,” is the first of several songs that will be released, all of them powerful reflections of the healing journey our participants at Panzi have embarked upon.”

Darcy Ataman, Founder and CEO, of Make Music Matter said, “The ability of music to re-stitch the soul and deliver a message is timeless. The intersection of creativity, inspiration, and cultural change is critical to healing not only the individual but the families and communities where it is produced.

“The program is led by local Congolese producers and psychologists, working to implement this new therapeutic music model with the survivors at Maison Dorcas. Their innate resilience shines in their powerful, sincere songs. Our goal is to share their inspiring strength, and show how the greater holistic healing model envisioned by Dr. Denis Mukwege is driven by each woman.”

“Parce Que J’ai Mal” translates to ‘Because I’m in Pain.’ It is a profound expression of a survivor reckoning with the physical and psychosocial impact, and the search for a path to healing. Panzi Foundation USA and Make Music Matter produced lyric videos in English and French. The videos appear on the Panzi Foundation USA YouTube channel. MP3s and additional media are available upon request.


Lyrics in French and English below.

English Lyric Video:
French Lyric Video:

Editor’s Note: The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) is a non-profit grant making facility supporting organisations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative and scalable solutions to the challenges facing effective humanitarian assistance. Visit for more information.

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund is a programme managed by ELRHA (Enhancing Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance) and co-funded by aid from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).


Solange, Sandra, Pascaline, Irene

Jeune Dorcas


Tempo: 100 bpm

Key: G

French Lyrics:
1. Chaque jour de ma vie
Je me sens trahi par mon image

Chaque fois quand je me regarde
Dans un miroir Je perds espoir

Il y a tant de larmes qui ont coulés sous mes Joues chaque soir

j’ai peur du noir
J’ai peur d’être seule sur une route pavée d’imprévus

R/ Alors je me noie, noie, noie noie seul
Je me cache loin, loin de tout
Parce que j’ai peur.

2. Et souvent je voile ma souffrance par un rire ou par un sourire

Et si vous saviez combien je souffre
A cause de mes souvenirs

Je ne vois plus d’avenir
Et quand je parle de ma vie
Je ne vois que des sourds qui m’entourent

Comment oublier
comment avancer
Comment stopper tous ces viols

R/ Alors je me noie, noie, noie noie seul
Je me cache loin, loin de tout
Parce que j’ai mal.
English Lyrics:
Every day of my life
I feel betrayed by my image

Each time
When I look myself in the mirror
I lose faith

Each night
So many tears have flowed down my cheeks

I’m afraid of the dark
I’m afraid to be alone on the road
paved with the unexpected.

So I drown, drown, drown myself
I hide faraway, from
everything because I’m afraid

2. And I often buckle my suffering with a laugh or a smile

And if you knew how much I’m suffering
because of my memories

I don’t have faith in the future
and when I talk about my life,
I only feel the deafness around me

How to forget
How to move on
How to stop rapes

so I drown, drown, drown myself
I hide faraway from everything
because I’m in pain

This statement is also available in French. Interview or speaking engagement requests for Dr. Mukwege may be submitted via email or telephone to Elizabeth Blackney,, 541.390.1913. Panzi Foundation USA is a 501(c)3 organization, founded in 2010 by Dr. Denis Mukwege to build awareness, and support the work of our partners, primarily the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, DR Congo.

Photography of survivors at the hospital requires special arrangements.

Your continued support of Dr. Mukwege, the Panzi Hospital and Foundations, the survivors and communities makes a profound difference, every day. We are grateful to share this journey with you.

Please stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

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