Statement: MMM condemns assassination of Italian ambassador to the DRC

MMM’s founder and CEO Darcy Ataman shared the message below in response to the tragic news of a deadly attack on a UN convoy in the Eastern DRC.

Make Music Matter strongly condemns the recent assassination of the Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Luca Attanasio and his colleagues near Goma.

Having just returned from the same area two days prior, successfully launching two new Healing in Harmony music therapy sites and meeting with the UK ambassador, the news yesterday hit with an acute and tactile intensity as I continued to scrub the sand from Goma embedded in the fibers of my knapsack.

Regardless of background or rampant circumstance, we must never accept or become accustomed to violence as a political tool in lieu of transparent dialogue and discourse that recognizes the deep historical context of all key players.

Senseless violence unchecked such as the tragic death of ambassador Attanasio only breeds more violence, slowly eroding any prepossessed underlying justification and leaving a culture and generations of quid pro quo blood lust, far from any noble end game it may have begun with.

I can attest that the majority of the Congolese in Goma and North Kivu where the ambassador’s life tragically ended, have a deep wish and desire for peace, security, and a life imbued with the hope that their children’s future will be brighter than their own.

Make Music Matter will continue to do our part to help heal the collective trauma of the area, which in turn will contribute to communities able to make decisions based on prosperity and not despair.

Impunity is not an absolute, hope will remain abiding and immutable.


– Darcy Ataman, M.S.C. – Make Music Matter founder and CEO

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