The Way They Run The World by Golden Women (Uganda)

New music from Healing in Harmony artists in Gulu, Uganda!


Album: The Way They Run The World

Artist: Golden Women

Producers: Okello Ivan Combon (AKA Producer Bumba), Joseph Agaze, Georges Mupemba

Label: A4A Records

Release date: April 1, 2022

Cover art: Null & Void


The Way They Run The World is the second album released by Golden Women out of Gulu, Uganda. Recorded in September 2020, these tracks mark the culmination of months of group therapy sessions as part of the Healing in Harmony program. The project was made possible in collaboration with Golden Women Vision, under the leadership of founder Sylvia Acan, and with support from the Dr. Denis Mukwege Foundation.

The Healing in Harmony program brought these survivors together to begin healing from various trauma they have collectively endured. They have experienced the devastation of war, sexual and political violence, faced stigmatization, and found themselves isolated, unable to express their feelings and share their stories.

Through the process they found strength, inspiration, and reasons to smile again.

One artist shared how encouraged she felt to enter the recording studio, saying “It gave me a purpose and I was so happy to hear myself sing.”

“Justice and peace should prevail on earth,” the women told us when asked what change they would like to see in the world.

With renewed hope, these artists will continue their personal healing journeys, advocate for justice, and share their stories with the world through song.

Title track ‘The Way They Run The World’ features the voices of children who have suffered the generational impact of violence and neglect.

Maybe I can’t understand
The way they run the world
Maybe they think I’m blind because I’m just a kid
I can see
I can feel
The way my world is dark
All they do
All they do
Affect my well being



We are the blessings of our land (yes we are)
We are the cream of our generation (yes we are)
We are the future of our nation (yes we are)
Where are those who doubt us?
Where are those who think we are not worthy?
Let them come and see their sons
And daughters
Of our land prevailing with success
We always hope for the best
After all these struggles
Patience always pays


Tracks were mixed by members of Artists 4 Artists (A4A)’s Community of Mixing and Mastering Engineers, a global network of professionals who volunteer their time to help Make Music Matter bring marginalized voices to the world stage.

The Way They Run The World tracklisting:

  1. The Way They Run The World – mixed by Justin Idems
  2. Bila Pa Li Wota – mixed by Guillermo Subauste
  3. They Can’t Break My Hope – mixed by Claudio Vena
  4. I Have To Move On – mixed by Simon Pressey

Album mastered by Maor Applebaum

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