The Value of One, The Power of Many

It’s National Volunteer Week in Canada and we’re sending out a huge shout out to our incredible team of volunteers!

Here’s a special message from Heine Nielsen, Make Music Matter’s Volunteer, Event & Publishing Manager.

Make Music Matter is truly built on a volunteer force. Everybody has come on board identifying with the organization’s mission and working hard to make an impact with music — in all aspects!

I want to thank our global team of volunteers, from Canada to Portugal, Colombia, and Egypt…

Get to know our volunteer team on our new interactive map

Meeting people from around the world with various backgrounds who want to share their professional skills with us is mind-blowing. It’s fascinating to be working with such talented individuals, helping us to reach our goals, to set new ones, and to grow organically. The interest and enthusiasm is unparalleled, and it makes our work so much more gratifying with dedicated people from all over offering their best at all times.

Whether you’re channeling your powers as a volunteer, staff, or Board member, the label doesn’t matter – it’s the value of one, and the power of many – many passionate, skilled, hard-working people helping to amplify the voices of trauma survivors across the eight countries where our Healing in Harmony program operates.

We couldn’t do this without each and every one of you.

Thank you for helping us make music matter!

– Heine Nielsen, MMM Volunteer, Event & Publishing Manager

Interested in joining our volunteer crew?

Check out the current opportunities or get in touch to find out more.

Our Community of Mixing and Mastering Engineers

Professional music engineers, Grammy Award winners among them, volunteer their time and skills to help finalize releases from our Healing in Harmony artists – a crucial step in the therapy process for program participants. Hear from A4A Music co-founders Darcy Ataman and David Bottrill about what the contribution of this unique community represents.


Are you a professional mixing or mastering engineer who’d like to get involved? Visit the A4A Community page to sign up.

Volunteer Spotlight: Andres Millan

In the first of a series of volunteer profiles, meet Andres Millan, mixing engineer from Bogotá, Colombia.

More to come on the A4A YouTube channel.

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